These trailers are specifically configured according to your requirements and meet the highest demands. Our trailers set new standards in the area of camping trailer technology and cost-performance ratio. The ladder frame and the corner profiles are fully welded, the axes and the long V-shaped trailer tongue are bolted together and can be exchanged easily if necessary. All parts have a high-grade zinc coating. The side panel profiles consist of an anodized aluminum-profile, equipped with a special linked system for even more stability. The hatch door has a stable, lockable bolting device. We use brand-name tires on 15” steel wheels for all ON-Road street trailers and 16” steel wheels for our OFF-Road field trailers. The breaks and the ramp adjustment are specially configured to fit with each other. The rubber spring axes with independent wheel suspension are also equipped with wheel shock absorbers. For our OFF-Road models, we use reinforced constructional elements that we configure to fit the model. These trailers have optimal camber and pivot inclination characteristics, directional stability and excellent back-up characteristics and a high quality for a long lifespan.
trailer Classic-Version
Spacious storage area
Classic - Spacious storage area Classic - lockable back door
lockable back door
You can find options and accessories in our price list. Changes of the bolt circle, different towing devices, special alterations available on request.
Header Classic triler equipment
Dingo-Tec Classic
Classic with foldable tent platform and long A-bar
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trailer Classic ON Road

Dingo-Tec ON-Road version - gallery 01
ON-Road chassis frame
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trailer Classic OFF Road

Move trailer Dingo-Tec Classic trailer Dingo-Tec Comfort trailer Dingo-Tec Classic Dingo-Tec Classic mit klappbarer Zeltplattform