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We want our Dingo-Tec Camper Trailers to get you excited about Australian Camping Culture. During many trips through the land down under we were impressed by the easygoing lifestyle of the ‘Australian Way of Camping’. Our folding tent trailers guarantee relaxed travels, even far away from paved roads. Enjoy your freedom – your tent can be assembled in just a few minutes. Whenever you want to travel on, simply fold up your tent and instantly get on your way. Your camper trailer allows you to always have your comfortable home with you and stay flexible. In Australia – and soon for you, too, a comfortable vacation means: lots of space in the tent extensive stowage for your luggage and equipment quick set-up and stowing away your towing vehicle is always at your disposal safe off-road traveling Join the group of people already inspired by this fascination!

Dingo-Tec Camper Trailer

Free - Flexible - Comfortable

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Dingo-Tec tent models

Quest und Zenith

From a transport trailer

to a camper trailer

Standardanhänger Standardanhänger mit Zeltplattform
Following our Dingo-Tec tradition, the models Outer Ridge Quest (Quest) and Ridgeline Zenith (Zenith) can easily and quickly be folded up sideways off of the trailer. A special procedure is used to soak (not only coat!) 340 g/m² tent cloth (used for the tent walls) with protective components. This tent material then makes for a comfortable climate inside the tent by providing insulation, stability and waterproofing. The tent roof consists of 2 layers of tent cloth (on the outside: SatProofTM 800+ /on the inside: SatProofTM 600+). Between the two layers, there is an Insulcell insulation. This construction offers an ideal insulation along with the ultimate protection against sun and heat. Aside from the tent cloth and an insulated roof, a large number of other equipment is included as standard: removable PVC window Tent Grip at the main tent’s rods access to the storage space via the flap with a gas spring located under the mattress 200 x 150 cm mattress dividing wall for the sleeping area aluminium step ladder removable awning smooth mosquito net all around
Dingo-Tec uses only quality trailers of famous producers. A solid frame construction, lateral lighting and double-walled side panels are part of the standard configuration. Quest is installed on our MOVE- trailer, assembled with a height of 85 cm. Zenith has an assemylb height of 107 cm and fits onto our CLASSIC and COMFORT trailer versions. Do you already have a transport trailer that you want to also use as a tent trailer? please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Trigano übernimmt die Marke Dingo-Tec

Liebe Dingo-Tec-Fans: Der 'Australian Way of Camping' im Faltzelt hat in Europa eine neue Heimat gefunden. Wir haben die Marke 'Dingo-Tec' und damit die Produktion und den Vertrieb von ON-Road- und OFF-Road-Faltzeltanhängern nach australischem Design an den französischen Konzern Trigano übergeben. Australien-Fans, wie unser Leiter Technik und Vertrieb, Frank Langohr, haben den Australian Way of Camping in Europa 'auf die Räder‘ gebracht. Inzwischen ist dieses Marktsegment auch für die größeren europäischen Camping-Unternehmen interessant geworden. Wir sind der Meinung, dass ein europaweites Wachstum der OZtrail-Modelle, die wir für unsere Dingo-Tecs verwendet haben, mit Trigano schneller umgesetzt werden kann. Die Firma Sandfire Outdoor GmbH ist weiterhin DER Ansprechpartner für Outdoor- und OFF-Road-Produkte von OZtrail (außer Faltzeltanhänger), wie z.B. Swags, australische Zeltschnüre, Campingstühle, OFF-Road-Bedarf und andere Spezialitäten aus Australien. Sandfire Outdoor GmbH dankt seinen treuen Dingo-Tec Kunden! Den Service für Ihre bei Sandfire Outdoor GmbH gekauften Dingo-Tecs übernimmt das Sandfire Team selbstverständlich weiterhin.