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In the early 1990s the Whittaker family saw that families faced a costly exercise equipping themselves with the gear for their outdoor adventures. At the time, a small three person tent could easily cost over $500 in today’s money. Believing that more families would be able to enjoy life outdoors if it was more affordable, they set about creating a brand that would stand for quality and value for money for camping families. In 1994, the OZtrail brand was launched on a small range of products – a range that has grown ever since.

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Dingo-Tec Camper Trailer

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OZtrail     - What’s that?
The company and the family behind the OZtrail brand go back much further than 20 years. The Whittaker family has been providing leisure and homeware products since the 1940s. You don’t survive that long without learning something about how important leisure time is for families. It’s all about spending time with family, friends and loved ones and really becoming one with our outdoors.
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The OZtrail brand is now helping campers enjoy the outdoors on 6 continents – assisting families across the world the same way it has since its humble beginnings as a small Australian family-owned company. 

Sandfire Outdoor GmbH & OZtrail

As European-Distributor for OZtrail- products we offer besides our Dingo-Tec Camper Trailers other OZtrail camping accessories.
Campers responded very quickly to OZtrail’s products that were both high quality and easily affordable. The team understood that much more could be done to make holidays outdoors more enjoyable and this led to OZtrail integrating yearly innovations into their products to improve comfort and convenience as well as reliability. OZtrail was actually one of the first companies in the world to integrate something as simple as windows into dome tents! As the campers’ appetites for products with cutting edge features grew, OZtrail added new and useful features and expanded into new product categories. All guided by the philosophy that family camping should be affordable – something that still holds true 20 years on.

OZtrail finds its niche

OZtrail Today

The OZtrail Story

OZtrail: 20 years successfull camping outfitter

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the OZtrail brand. OZtrail is immensely proud that it has come to mean quality, value and innovative products to campers.
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