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Ideal for Singles, couples and the small family

The special highlights of the Outer Ridge Quest are the tent’s inside canopy with insulation tent grip at the main tent’s rods removable PVC window removable curtain separating the sleeping area DuoDoorTM - door with canvas and mosquito net removable awning roof

It goes without saying that this tent

model also offers all the functions and

configurations you are used to from our

other tent models:

Due to its build-up height of ca. 85 cm, this tent fits onto our qualitatively perfected Move-trailer as well as onto many other available transport trailers. Boxing system: 205 x 125 x 35 (length x width x height). The living area measuring 210 x 210 cm features enough space for an extended vacation or a weekend trip to go surfing, skydiving or diving.
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tent platform on waterproof phenolic resin coated plywood and zinc-coated metal frame side-folding design roof 98% UV-resistant zinc-coated tent poles PVC floor main tent firmly sewn onto the tent walls flap with gas spring as access to the storage room under the mattress aluminum step ladder PVC cover tent platform 620 g/m²  incl. a zipper and tension belts complete set of installation material for tent platform
OZtrail Outer Ridge Quest
Tent walls made of SatProofTM 600+ Ripstop Canvas make for insulation, stability and waterproofing and by doing that, for an overall comfortable climate inside the tent. When it is being manufactured, the canvas is not only coated but soaked by special material used for waterproofing and protection against mildew. That is how the protective components penetrate deeply into the cotton-mix- fabric and make for an excellent, high-performing and  durable canvas.
installation height of the platform sleeping quarters living quarters awning height / standing height colours tent platform’s weight
ca. 85 - 90 cm 210 cm x 165 cm 210 cm x 210 cm 240 cm x 300 cm 240 cm roof surface silver grey roof inside canopy beige walls blue 120 kg
Technical data
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Tent roof made of  SatProofTM 800+ Canvas – BOZtrail has done pioneer work when developing this material – aided by heat and pressure, protective silver components get soaked deeply into the canvas. In comparison to other merely coated canvas, this unique process produces the best canvas by far.
Insulated tent roof with three-coated protective layer designed as protection against the glaring Australian sun! Between the outer and the inner tent roof there is an insulation made of Insulcell for the ultimate protection against sun and heat.
The removable PVC window  makes for more light inside the camper and keeps the weather outside. When it gets cold and windy zip in the removable PVC window and thereby also let more light into the tent.
The high-quality, fine mosquito net  consists of ultra-fine fabric and keeps the smallest insects outside where they belong. In Australia, this fabric is called 'ultra-fine-no-see-um mesh'. Down under, no-see-um refers to a miniature mosquito. If you have ever had to spend the night with these miniature insects, you feel incredibly lucky to know your camper trailer is equipped with this fabric.
DuoDoorTM – consisting of two door elements: canvas and mosquito net. They can be opened and closed independent of each other and allow for privacy or ventilation, just as the need arises. At the same time, it is also possible to open both door elements together, using one single zipper. Design that inspires!
The Draft BlockTM System allows for an awning. It has been developed to allow for the formation of an awning (optional). The Draft BlockTM System facilitates a safe and leakproof connection of awning walls and the main tent with a circumferential zipper. That is how insects and weather stay outside. A cover for the trailer’s back door is included in the purchased parts package. The optional awning correlates with your camper’s quality with its stable PVC floor, the SatProofTM tent walls and the large insectproof windows with a fine mosquito net.
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