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Over several decades, the Australians developed a love of traveling with a camper trailer. The trailers are based on the tent caravan design. Over the years, they developed into multifunctional camping trailers with a fitting design and innovative technology. Today, camper trailers can be found anywhere in Australia – from a coastal camping site to the most challenging OFF-road runway in the Outback.


We also offer our superior quality 'folding tent platforms' separately, to be used on compatible trailers. The platforms allow for functional build-up variations, e.g. foldable or as build-up platform. The trailers do have to fulfill certain measurement standards. In quality and size, our tents greatly surpass the standards of commonly used folding tents.


Our folding tents were developed under the extreme weather conditions of Australia. Your Dingo-Tec camper trailer offers a comfortable accommodation in any kind of weather. Your mattress is readily waiting for you on the trailer’s platform – in our tents, you do not sleep on the floor! If you wish, your camping kitchenette can be integrated into the trailer, still leaving enough room for your entire luggage. A separating bedroom wall can be used to create additional sleeping areas. Spacious door and window openings allow for enjoyment of good weather and the beautiful nature around your tent.
Dingo-Tec camper trailers are affordable in purchase and upkeep. Our trailers are quality products ‘Made in Germany’. Besides standard chassis frame, we offer a specialty chassis frame with full suspension, originating in the automobile industry. This specialty chassis frame with full suspension allows for safe traveling ON- as well as OFF- road. Our fold-up caravans set new standards for camping trailer technology and cost-performance-ratio.
We are the European importer of the Australian company OZtrail which is one of the biggest retailers of tent platforms and camping products. When developing our new camping trailer models, we followed the automobile industry’s approach. They also use one vehicle platform for several different models. We can implement this approach in our folding camper trailers by using existing trailer models and components when adapting the tent platforms. The canvas of all OZtrail tent models consists of a high quality cotton blend fabric. This refined fabric guarantees excellent protection against weathering and is non-fading and UV resistant. The cotton blend fabric is a breathable fabric with a high density and stability. You have the choice between different models and configuration alternatives. The tent platform can also be ordered without a trailer.

Overview over our tent models

Ridgeline Zenith Outer Ridge Quest

Ideal for singles, couples and the small family

Due to its build-up height of ca. 85 cm, the model ‘Outer Ridge Quest’ fits onto our qualitatively perfected Move-trailer as well as onto many other available transport trailers. Boxing system: 205 x 125 x 35 cm (L x W x H)
It goes without saying that we offer a large variety of extras and options for your camping trailer. At Dingo-Tec, you do not purchase a ready-made trailer – we manufacture and configure your trailer according to your needs. You require a bike trailer, additional water tanks, a standard kitchen or an elaborate comfort kitchen? Additional lighting, flexible solar panels or an extended tent?

We can build your dream camper trailer

Talk to us about your wishes, we will fulfill them! We manufacture field and expedition trailers according to your specifications. We will turn your dream of your ideal and perfectly equipped trailer into reality!
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Access to the storage area via the flap under the mattress
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Lots of space for the family

A lot of room will create a pleasant feeling of spaciousness and will guarantee a relaxing vacation. The foldable tent platform is standard equipment and facilitates access from above to the storage area while ‘en route’ at any time. This tent model fits on our Classic and Comfort trailers.

Standard equipment

you are going to love ...:

insulated tent roof Tent Grip at the main tent’s rods access to the storage space via the flap with a gas spring located under the mattress aluminum step ladder removable PVC window removable awning and much more ...
... Close the tent before departure!
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Dingo-Tec camper trailer
Ridgeline Zenith
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